The Cow-Cat

The Cow-Cat
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Thursday, June 5, 2008


I've mentioned how I hate keyboarding. Well.
I wrote a personal blog during keyboarding using notepad.
Yeah, I know that's kind of sad. Not kind of. It is.
But either way, I recently had a chance to email to myself.
So here it is. (you may notice that names are gone and the blog is really just random talking..i didn't even realize i wrote that much)
IMPORTANT: hoas stands for hold on a sec


hello i don't feel like doing the quiz lab rite now,so i'm just like...typing...although if you didn't know better, you'd say i was doing my quizlab!! haha!!okay, soi don't know wut to do everyone is gone, except for me and some other dorkos yuposss sooo i'm still bored and now i can goo!!

well, here i am again, a couple days later, once again faking doing my quizlab!!so, today, i was miserable for half the day, but now i'm better...hmm..i finally got put on a double dutch group and i 'm SOO happy about so, all the dorks in my keyboarding class remain to be dorks and so yah well, i'm going to the soccer game next week!
i think!!
i'm back
now i had to return the paper-keeper-upperand
now i think people might be staring...haha...

may 9
so now,i'm in miss -------'s class
and yah, i'm trying to be quiet
but i don't think it's working

may 12
we're about to take a quiz...errrggghhhh...i hate quizlab
hoas, teacher coming
haha i just hit ---
in the head
haha i just hit ----
in the head(they both deserved it)t
eacher coming
may come back l8ter

may 16
so, supposedly mr ---- has control of the screen, but i got out
he may or may not catch me..o well

may 22

i'm in keyboarding now, and whoa
mr. ----
took control of our screens,
so now i'm taking quizlabs.
and again.
and again.
and again.
and i could go on.
may 27
it's language arts now
and mr. -------- is coming
hold on
cya, g2g
i'm gonna be a director of photography!

still may 27
now i'm stuck doing quizlabs
and mr. ----- won't let me go to orchestra.
and i just busted my butt to finish a bunch of the quizlabs too!
now i'm stuck doing a mega quizlab with 126 FRIKIN QUESTIONS!!!!FOR PETE'S SAKE!la dee dee da dooo...i'm not doing my work
i'' now i'm going to talk about sumthing interesting
hm...if mr.-----weren't here, i would get on my blog or email...or anything...soooo...boreed...i've typeed a bunch..and mr.---- just yawned.
that should tell us sumthing.....
i wanna print this out.

may 29
bored. very. bored.don't. know. wut. to. do. somebody. help. me. becuz. i. am. bored. o. so. bored. arg. i. am. so. bored. so. bored.i'm stuck doing quizlabs. how. boring.

still the 29 of may
....okay, so i'm pretending to do quizlabs
like alwayssooo boredsoo soo boredstop reading this
(a guy is looking over my shoulder)

bi 4 now
june 2
wow. i
t's finally june
and for once, i'm doing my quizlabs instead of just typing here the whole time
who says i couldn't type a little??
bi 4 now