The Cow-Cat

The Cow-Cat
AWWW!! Isn't he cute? He's the result of mixing a cow and a cat:) If you wanna see more (as in dogs mixed with lizards, etc. just click on the image!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


OK, so, I haven't posted in a couple months...I know, I know, I'm a horrible person, blah blah blah...
I've just been so wrapped up in life:)
But I do have an interesting story to tell today....
So, basically, its turkey day eve right?
and everyone is getting ready, getting food prepped for the big day tommorow.
So I was making my pumpkin pie. I always make pumpkin pie, every year, for thanksgiving...and I'm very good at it...
But sadly, today, I had to make another pie. Because I messed up the first. This is literally one of the easiest recipies to bake....mix, pour, bake. But first I forgot the milk. Then I put in the wrong TYPE of milk. Then I cooked the pie at the wrong temperature. Wow, talented right? Yes, I know, extrememly!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer Ending+GLASSES

Ok, so, summer officially ends for me after this weekend.
VERY depressing:(
Its been long and boring, but still, I don't have any desire to go back to school now.
So, for the new school year, I got...GLASSES!

The bad part about these glasses, (besides needing them in the first place), is that I get glasses now, and then I have to get braces in a couple months.

So I'll have both. At the same time.

Fun...Fun...Fun..... (oh and yes, these are my glasses. Just imagine them in dark brown.) (They look alot cuter in person)

Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm a lazy butt+something to consider

So I've been to lazy to get off my butt and post lately.
Mostly because I can't think of anything to say.
So, I guess the olympics will have to do.

So, my big question for the olympic commitee people is

Why is table tennis a sport, and jumprope isn't?

and what about cheerleading?

There are SOO many things that the olympics DOESN'T have, which crushes so many peoples hopes and dreams, because they find out they can't go to the olympics for a sport they're REALLY good at.

So, yah, think about that.
P.S. Count how many times I said "so" in this post, comment to tell me, and if you get it rite....well, if you get it rite........Ill mention you in my blog? (I don't know how many people would consider that a good prize...)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Pancakes or the Serial Killers?

I'm a lazy butt who forgets to post on my blog, and then when she remembers, she's not in the mood. I also rarely have anything to talk about.

But today, I have something that I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing peoples reactions to.

So, basically, my friend was in Iowa, and she visited a dairy farm. Atleast I think that's what she did....

Anyway, she emailed me today, to tell me an interesting story......

"Crazee Spots-do u like cows or cats better????
Because I recently learned, at farms, especially in the winter
cats will sit where a cow was sitting because it is warm there. But if they don't get out of the way fast enough.........the cows will sit down again and squish the kitties.
................So, who do u like better- the pancakes or the serial killers?"

I personally find this hilarious.

I mean really, think about the question.

"Who do you like better-the pancakes or the serial killers?"

I loved the question enough to post it up to the world.

As you know, I have a cat that I really, really, love.

But cows...they're...well, they're COWS for crying out loud!

So I wrote back my friend and said-

"Hmm..that's the oddest question I've EVER had to answer, but I'd have to go with the serial killers. They're so cute, and I'm allergic to cats anyway:)"

What do YOU think?

The pancake...


Monday, July 28, 2008


For those of you who don't know me, (which should be very few...)
I am a competitive jumproper.

Yes, it's a sport.
So, I'm off to Michigan tomorrow for a major competition (Junior Olympics)
Here's the very important question...
Should a bring a lucky cow with me?
Well, anyway, if I don't post, it's because I'm jumproping.
Interesting that I didn't call my blog JUMPING COWS, isn't it?

I guess I just thought flying cows FIT better...

Friday, July 25, 2008


Okay, I know, very...interesting....title.

But you'll get it in a sec.

So, yes, I AM finally updating!


I was just being lazy this week. So sorry.


The big news for me now is...


Yes, yes, it's entirely true.

I went to see an allergist the other day, and found that I"m allergic to cats.

Unluckly for me, the only pet I HAVE is a cat!

Not a dog, a cat.

Of course.

So now she's not allowed in my room, etc.

Yes, I'm not getting rid of her.

For all of you people who think that when you're allergic to something, you have to avoid it, YOU'RE WRONG. There really is no way to avoid the cat allergin whether I get rid of my cat or not, so, obviously, I'm keeping her.

-Crazee Spots

P.S. I only signed my name because I wanted to to a PS

P.P.S. I like comments, so if you feel obliged to leave one, please do!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


OK, so I'm NOT running for president, but it's still a cool video right?
My friend sent it to me, and I literally freaked out thinking at first that I, Crazee Spots, was going to be president!! Of course, then I found out it was fake....


So, this is a pretty odd coincidence.

Most of you probably have heard of the Twilight series, right?

Well, the fourth one, Breaking Dawn, is coming out August 2nd.

One of my friends is absolutely obsessed with the series, and wanted everyone she knows who has read the series to come with her to the premiere party.


That can't exactly happen when WE'RE ALL OUT OF TOWN!

Yup, 6 or 7 people, all friends, who are ALL going to be out of town on August 2nd. Pretty odd coincidence, huh?