The Cow-Cat

The Cow-Cat
AWWW!! Isn't he cute? He's the result of mixing a cow and a cat:) If you wanna see more (as in dogs mixed with lizards, etc. just click on the image!

Monday, June 30, 2008


Yeah, I may be posting but I'm still in Texas.
And I had the urge to talk about cows.
I actually have not talked about cows in awhile now that I think about it....
Well, what do I want to talk about that has to do with cows?
I was in Mexico the other day!
So, I go into a nice store called Marti's,
and what do I find?
A GIANT COW right by the entrance!
It was probably lifesize.
I'm telling you, it would be in my room right at this moment if it wouldn't have cost a fortune to ship it!
Apparently, people in Mexico like cows even more than the people in America!

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